About Us

Welcome to WinTerra Solutions, where our vision of modern recycling is driven by forward-thinking innovation. Embracing a total solutions approach, we are dedicated to propelling the recycling industry into a more modern and sustainable future.

A Visionary Strategy

We firmly believe that total recycling services should not stop at recovery but evolve into a continuous pursuit of innovative strategies. This conviction drives us to explore new possibilities and embrace change, staying at the forefront of sustainable recycling practices.

At WinTerra Solutions, our strategy transcends the conventional limits of recycling. We go beyond the mere collection of recycled materials, believing that the essence of modern recycling lies in a comprehensive and expanded approach. Our focus extends to finding and promoting more productive methods to reuse recovered materials and their by-products.

Our Core Belief

Experts-The Right Way

We consider ourselves not just experts but “EXPERTS – THE RIGHT WAY.” Our commitment to this title is reflected in our ability to process collected materials into reusable formats internally. This ensures the highest standards in quality control, guaranteeing that materials are recycled and processed for reuse with precision and care.