Material Identification

Unveiling the Composition of Plastic Scrap

WinTerra has the ability to identify any plastic scrap you may have. With an in-house FTIR machine and specialist, you can send us a sample and we can tell you the polymers exact specifications and quote you a price based on its testing.


At WinTerra Solutions, we offer comprehensive material identification services, providing detailed insights into the polymer type, molecular structure, and key characteristics of your plastic scrap. Our commitment to transparency extends to pricing, ensuring accurate quotes based on meticulous testing results.

Comprehensive Analysis

Uncover details like polymer type and molecular structure.

Transparent Pricing

Accurate quotes based on detailed testing results

Our streamlined processes, commitment to security, and dedication to sustainable practices make us the ideal choice for large retail markets seeking a reliable and environmentally conscious recycling solution. Join us in making a lasting impact on the planet, one appliance at a time.